Membership and Information About the Club

Access to the Yellowknife Shooting Club is by Membership Only. 

The Yellowknife Shooting Club Membership year runs Nov 15 through Nov 15th. 
New membership applications: A three month grace period is applied, whereby those new members purchasing memberships after August 15th will have their membership valid until November 15th of the following year.
Renewing membership applications: Members renewing will have their membership valid until the upcoming November 15th, regardless of when they renew.

Notice of change to Yellowknife Shooting Club membership process

All new and renewing members to the Yellowknife Shooting Club must successfully pass a test demonstrating knowledge of the Range Standing Orders*

1. Read the Range Standing Orders
2. Watch the nine-minute explanatory Video of the Range Standing Orders
3. And successfully pass the Questionnaire on the Range Standing Orders
4. Fill out your application form, available at True Value Hardware or download
the application.

Applications may be dropped off at True Value Hardware or emailed to our Membership Officer (note that sending by email, application information is not secure). Please check your spam/junk email folders for the reply from the membership officer, and add the email to your safe senders list.

Successfully completing the Range Standing Orders questionnaire will automatically flag your name to the Membership Officer, and will allow your membership to be processed.

Your New or Returning Membership will not be processed without successful completion of the Range Standing Orders Questionnaire!

* Does not apply to junior members.  For Family memberships only the primary cardholder needs to complete the questionnaire.

Renewing members only need to complete the questionnaire once, it is not required annually.

Membership rates are:

Junior: $10.00
18 years old and younger (require supervision by an adult on all ranges)

Individual: $120 + $50 volunteer deposit* + $20 environmental levy** = $190
19 years old and older

Family: $180 + $100 volunteer deposit* + $40 environmental levy** = $320
Parents/legal guardians and dependent children only. Not more than two adults, the rest of the family members are considered juniors (regardless of age) and require supervision by an adult on all ranges.

* The volunteer deposit is paid yearly by Individual ($50) and Family ($100) members.
If the member works 10 hours (Individual) or 20 hours (Family) during the year, the deposit is forgiven for the next year. Work could be, but is not limited to, range clean-up days, construction of target backers, range maintenance, etc. Sign the attendance log at formal work parties, or have your Section Director log your hours.

** In 2010, the City of Yellowknife imposed a $5000 per year environmental levy upon the Yellowknife Shooting Club for operation of the outdoor range. These additional member fees are to cover this surchage imposed by the city through the lease agreement.

Please do not harass True Value staff for your key.  True Value handles our memberships out of the goodness of their heart.  Your key will be available for pick up following the receipt of an email stating it is available and has been dropped off.

The outdoor range is located in the sand pits west of town on Highway 3, just past the airport. Turn off the highway at the shooting range sign and follow the gravel road around the left side of the sand pits. Take the first right when you get to the trees and follow the sand road a few hundred metres to the gate.

      Map of Outside Range Location 

The indoor airgun range is located in the Kingpin Bowling Lanes building at the corner of 52nd Avenue and 51st Street. The entrance to the Shooting Performance Centre is on 51st Street, under the sign.  The telephone number for the shooting performance centre is 920-4309. The indoor range operates approximately October though April each year. Summer months are spent at the outdoor range!