Beginner Shooting Tips

Drawing of loaded firearms from a holster is restricted to black badge qualified personnel only

A black badge card or current club membership card showing your black badge number must be visible at all times.
The above does not apply to duty firearms during approved classifications/practice.

NT Action Pistol Safety Official Training


Date:   May 04, 2019   9am-3pm
Location: Yellowknife Shooting Performance Centre

NT Action Pistol Safety Official Workshop. Covers what it takes to assist other shooters on the range to make the events fun and exciting with the primary focus always on the SAFETY first and foremost.
As a S.O. you need to understand the dynamics of running a hot range and maintain discipline in a non-bias position to insure you are assisting the shooters to have a safe atmosphere for both competitors and spectators in match settings.    


  1. Completed a Black Badge safety training class
  2. Actively attended club events
  3. Previous Range officer training in other discipline’s would be an asset but not mandatory

*Applicants successfully completing the workshop will receive Action Pistol S.O. status to help maintain a higher level of safety at Action Pistol events.

To reserve your spot in the class please email – John Dzurka (445-4783)

Black Badge Safety Training, 2019


Course now open for Registration
June 8 & 9

World Wide I.P.S.C.  Handgun training safety course is a certification class recognized Canada-wide and in over 60 countries. The Black Badge safety class is a Yellowknife Shooting Club requirement for all handgun users who wish to draw from the holster.

Spend two days on the shooting range going over the fundamentals in handgun manipulation. Round count needed for the class is 500 rds minimum. Learn to use your gear in a more effective manner.

*For more information read the complete course description and list of gear needed in the class.

Class size is limited to only 8 participants. Register early to ensure a spot.
You must pre-pay and register to ensure a spot in the class.   

Price: $300 

For more information or questions, please contact – John Dzurka (445-4783)


IPSC Information
IPSC Rules
IPSC Match Etiquette



All Yellowknife Shooting Club rules posted at the gate are to be followed.
1. Treat all firearms as if loaded
2. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep muzzle in safe direction at all times
4. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard unless actively engaging targets
5. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

In addition to the Basic Safety Rules, there are some further rules that will be followed:
- The casing and uncasing of firearms will be in the safety area only
- Once holstered, pistols may not, under any circumstances, be handled in any fashion without express authorization of the Range Officer.
- Pistols in between stages will be carried in the holster, unloaded, hammer down, and no magazine inserted.
- Eye and Ear protection will be worn at all times during live fire

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