Beginner Shooting Tips

Drawing of loaded firearms from a holster is restricted to black badge qualified personnel only

A black badge card or current club membership card showing your black badge number must be visible at all times.
The above does not apply to duty firearms during approved classifications/practice.

Black Badge Safety Training, 2018


Courses now open for Registration
May 26 & 27
July 7 & 8

World Wide I.P.S.C.  Handgun training safety course available locally is a certification class recognized Canada-wide and in over 60 countries. The Black Badge safety class is a Yellowknife Shooting Club requirement for all handgun users who wish to draw from the holster.

Spend two days on the shooting range going over the fundamentals in handgun manipulation. Round count needed for the class is 529 rds minimum. Learn to use your gear in a more effective manner.

*For more information read the complete course description and list of gear needed in the class.

Class size is limited to only 8 participants. Register early to ensure a spot.
You must pre-pay and register to ensure a spot of your choice in the classes this year.   

Price: $275 

For more information or questions, please contact – John Dzurka (445-4783)


IPSC Information
IPSC Rules
IPSC Match Etiquette


Steel Challenge Matches

YKSC Pistol section will be starting Steel Challenge matches in May 2017, it’s a great way to come on out and have some fun. All shooting is stationary. Hope to see some new faces out.

Matches will run Wednesday evenings, start time 6:30pm
May - 17 and 24
June - 7 and 21
Aug - 2, 9, 16, and 30
Sept - 6 and 27

Match evenings will be done in this order.
1st Rim fire Pistol
2nd Center fire Pistol
3rd Rim fire Rifle

Cost is $5 per gun entered.

What is Steel Challenge?
Steel Challenge offers a port of entry to the shooting sports that is far less intimidating than practical action shooting (IPSC). Steel shooting provides an excellent starting place for young or beginning shooters who want to enter the world of action pistol shooting.

Shooting Steel Challenge is a great way to spend time with friends and family and introduce and keep a younger generation involved in the shooting sports.  Equipment costs can range from very simple to costly to suit every skill level.  Steel Challenge matches are fun. Beside the equipment you will need good safe gun handling skills, a good attitude and your smiles.

Steel Challenge stages consist of five steel targets 8 inch in diameter at distances of 10 to 50 meters.  Target arrays vary in pattern and design.  Steel is shot from standing inside a 3’x3′ box.  The competitor is given five strings and the best four out of five strings is scored.  Your raw time is your score. All steel must be hit to be scored. Each Stage is run five times in succession. In a full match 6 stages are done for each firearm being used. All six stages are added together for your match score in your division. 

*A minimum of Five magazines, speed loaders, or moon clips are recommended for each stage.  

Matches will be limited to:  Center fire pistol/revolver, .22 rim fire pistol & .22  rim fire rifle

What do I need to compete?

  • You will need a strong side holster that covers the trigger guard and that a firearm can be drawn safely from. (* If not Black Badge certified you will have to start from low ready).  Magazine pouches to hold at least 5 magazines. Handguns start from the holster, hands in the “surrender” position.  If you do not have a holster you will need a bag or case to bring your firearm to the line.  Rim fire rifles will be cased to and from the line of fire. Rifles start from the Low-Ready position, finger out of the trigger guard, with the muzzle pointed at an aiming point.
  • It takes 25 rounds minimum to complete each stage.

Local YKSC match evening events will consist of 3 stages to accommodate shooters.
So to clarify if you decide to shoot all 3 firearms in the Wednesday evening match. Or not the nice thing about the steel matches as it accommodates 3 types of firearms but if you wish to shoot one or two instead of all 3 that is up to you.

Centerfire pistol – 75 rds min.
Rim fire pistol – 75 rds min.
Rim fire Rifle – 75 rds min
* As in the information above recommend bringing extra ammo.
*It is best to have enough magazines for you at the line to top up for each stage so you do not hold up the match for the other shooters.

Most importantly, we need competitors to have a complete understanding of the firearm safety rules and good gun handling skills to compete in Steel Challenge.  You will be under the supervision of the Range Officers and are expected to be proficient in firearm safety.



All Yellowknife Shooting Club rules posted at the gate are to be followed.
1. Treat all firearms as if loaded
2. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep muzzle in safe direction at all times
4. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard unless actively engaging targets
5. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

In addition to the Basic Safety Rules, there are some further rules that will be followed:
- The casing and uncasing of firearms will be in the safety area only
- Once holstered, pistols may not, under any circumstances, be handled in any fashion without express authorization of the Range Officer.
- Pistols in between stages will be carried in the holster, unloaded, hammer down, and no magazine inserted.
- Eye and Ear protection will be worn at all times during live fire

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