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We need volunteers!

Many people may have a few spare hours, and/or some skills they could use to help out the club, but simply do not know how they can help. Here are some ideas beyond attending a scheduled range cleanup or meeting.

Indoor range volunteers - Do you have a few hours you could act as an alternate to supervise the indoor range?  You do not have to be a qualified range officer, as you will be paired with one.  We need alternate adults whom we can phone to act as range supervisors when a regular volunteer cannot make it.  How about offering your name to work a shift or two.  The Shooting Performance Centre operates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.

Outdoor Range Assistance - We always need members who can help out at the outdoor range.  Do you have some scrap lumber lying around the house?  Why not put it together as target backers for the range, and drop them off to the range.  Are you out at the range with an empty truck?  How about run the garbage cans to the dump, empty them, and bring them back.  Do you have a portable welder?  The club always has welding jobs around to maintain the range and equipment.  How about snow clearing equipment - keeping the access road into the range passable in the winter is a major expense for the club.

Volunteers at Large - There are often small jobs that need doing to help the club, and we always need volunteers willing to carry out this short term, short duration task.  Please let us have your email so we can contact you for help every now and then.

Have some of the skills above, or do you have ideas that can help the club?  Give Scott Cairns an email - 

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